Documents are our tangible means and legal proof of identity. We define, establish and corroborate our bona-fides through them. What we buy, sell, own, gift, bequeath, inherit or insure is crystallized, recorded and preserved in the form of a document, affecting our net worth, sense of security and self-esteem. Whether it is an endeavor for justice, or keeping abreast with the arithmetic of our financials for personal, business or taxation, documents are inevitably created.

Existence without documents is inconceivable and for all practical purposes, non-viable. For professionals, businesses and institutions of all descriptions, administrations and governments, and all that are subjected to "document-dependant" and "document-centric" processes, effective and efficient document management is vital.

From the very creation of a document, its preservation, its access and security has to be maintained with utmost integrity. Due to the perishable nature and other limitations of paper-documents, converting its physical form into a digital one has become an established practice today in the concept of the "Paperless Office" worldwide.

A K SOFTWARE provides our customers with a Paperless Office Solution that saves their Time, Effort and Money while increasing their productivity and efficiency through our eOffice™ Paperless Office System.

By adopting eOffice™ our clients are able to access all their documents within seconds from a multi-featured, highly secure system with a fail-safe back-up facility employing the most effective technologies so there is no fear of ever losing any file or the risk of any unauthorized access!

  • What is eOffice™?

    eOffice™ implements a range of services to achieve a total paperless office solution which provides instant access to digitized documents whenever or wherever required and by whoever that has legitimate access permission.

  • Why eOffice™ Paperless Office Solution?
    1. Safe backup... Never lose any document...EVER!!!
    2. Secure... Using Password Protection and Encryption. More secure than paper.
    3. Easy sharing... Easily send by Email, whatsApp, File Transfer etc.
    4. Save Time... Locate files within seconds.
    5. Portable... Carry all your files in flash or external drive.
    6. No Xerox! Just print a copy!!!
    7. Save Office Space & Cost of storing paper documents.
    8. Reduce operating costs of Time, Manpower, Paper and Storage.
    9. Eliminate errors and delays in locating or accessing documents.
    10. Instant access to all your documents.
    11. Doorstep Scanning Service for Confidential Documents or specific client requirement.
    12. Document Management Software Free / Paid / Customized - Provided as per requirement.
  • The eOffice™ Process